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Thank you for visiting my page.  My name is Nick Hood3 and I am the pastor of the Plymouth United Church of Christ in Detroit, Michigan, USA.  Currently, I am in my 43rd year of ministry as an ordained minister of the Christian Gospel – all at the same church!  Before I was ordained into the ministry, I served the same church as a youth advisor.  The purpose of this ministry is to offer hope and encouragement through the salvation of Jesus Christ to all I come in contact and touch through several different ways: the written word, spiritual videos, audio podcast recordings, and charitable donations.  My mission is to make the world a better place by generating good will and hope by spreading the word of God through Jesus Christ.  Thanks again for taking the time to visit this page.  I ask that you consider helping me in this mission to spread the good news of Jesus to a world that often is jaded and cynical and frankly, beaten down in depression and hopelessness.  My promise to you is to bring words of hope and encouragement through this ministry and on this page.  I thank God for your interest, and I offer prayers today for you.  Blessings and peace.



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